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CSG designs and installs new and retrofitted high rise window washing systems and equipment.

Window washing system standards and regulations

CSG provides formal window washing system evaluations and consulting.

CSG provides custom fall restraint systems.

CSG provides OSHA mandated pre-use and annual inspections for High Rise Window Cleaning Equipment.

Window Washing System Design and Fabrication

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News & Events - Window Washing Systems

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Design & Fabrication

CSG design and fabrication services provide new and retrofitted high rise window washing systems and equipment.

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Standards & Regulations

CSG wants to educate building owners and facility managers about window washing systems standards and regulations.

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CSG will create a culture of safety. We will instill in every employee from that first day of employment that Safety Excellence! is a core value of CSG.
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Engineering Excellence

CSG’s experienced project engineers will oversee every aspect of your project to ensure that the system meets all the technical and safety criteria.

35+ years

Professional Organizations

Client Login

CSG provides a client login portal, clients can have access to certifications, invoices and other documents at all times.

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