Cost Saving Initiatives

Contract Services Group has pioneered the art of working closely with our customers to identify areas where costs can be controlled and reduced. This program is part of our continuous improvement philosophy and dovetails with our daily inspection and Action Alert notice programs.

Three main areas where cost savings can be realized are:

Facility Services and Management

For maximum efficiencies of services, CSG has developed customized work loading by position for each task. CSG also has the expertise to notice and address the details in the management of facilities that can have enormous long-term cost consequences. From items as small as a dripping faucet, through unneeded power consumption, to deteriorating materials and recycling, CSG actively works with our customers to find ways to reduce short-term and long-term costs.

Appropriate and Qualified Staffing to Meet Client Goals

CSG knows that costs increase with inadequate staffing and staffing with unqualified personnel. We have shown that our staffing analysis can accurately match the needs of the facility with the client’s goals. Having appropriate, qualified, and highly-trained staff on site can contribute to cost savings by allowing us to utilize less resources, but it also enhances safety and compliance that could offer substantial savings down the road. Our attention to staffing detail even extends to our corporate management level which includes a Licensed Structural Engineer and a Licensed General Building Contractor – a benefit most of our competitors cannot even offer.

Risk Management and Safety Reviews

Our site review practice includes assessing insurance coverage and any issue that might effect coverage. CSG has a proactive risk management program in place to identify near-misses and situations that may prove to be unsafe. A plan to remedy identified safety hazards is immediately developed and implemented. The job site safety reviews contribute substantially to cost savings at individual sites and throughout the company. Furthermore, our insurance coverage includes completed operations coverage. This is a coverage that many of our competitors do not offer.

Contract Services Group believes in fair, transparent, and honest dealings. Our company was founded on this principle. We have shown our customers time and again that we can achieve cost savings while improving service and safety by utilizing our established practices.

Engineering Excellence

CSG’s experienced project engineers will oversee every aspect of your project to ensure that the system meets all the technical and safety criteria.

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