Davits are used singularly or in pairs, and provide an efficient means for suspending boatswain chairs, or platforms. Aluminum davits are the most popular due to weight and ease of handling.

Davits can be used on buildings with various terrace levels. Each worker’s lifeline must be secured to a separate independent safety anchor on two wire rope suspension systems. On four wire rope suspension systems, an independent safety line is not required.

Davit Types

Portable Davits:
Dedicated to a specific building and capable of being moved manually from work location to work location within a dedicated area.

Fixed Davits:
Designed to remain at a fixed location. Normally used for difficult to access areas where an extra long reach is required.

Roof Rigged Davits:
Used to raise the suspended working platform above the building face being cleaned. The platform can also be rigged on the roof and then swung over the parapet, or rigged on the ground. Normally davit arms are 7’-0” (2134 mm) higher than the parapet wall to allow for roof rigging and equipped with transport wheels and winches for ease of use.

Suitable for any building height depending on type of davit selected and where adequate structural support is provided. Can be mounted on roof, terrace or parapet depending upon application.

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