Roof Anchors

Safety anchors are an affective and practical means of directly securing boatswain chairs with controlled descent apparatuses. They are also used to secure lifelines and to tie back primary suspension equipment such as conventional (contractor supplied) outriggers and parapet wall clamps.

The chair suspension line is rigged directly to an anchor in line with the point of suspension. A separate independent anchor on the roof is required to secure the worker’s fall arrest lifeline.

Cal-OSHA Ruling on Anchors and Fittings

Cal-OSHA Ruling on Anchors and Fittings:

-An installed anchor shall not be used for any purpose other than attachment of window cleaner’s primary workline, and lifeline.
-All window anchors and fittings shall comply with the applicable portions of Section 4.5 of ANSI/ASME A39.1-1991, Safety Requirements for Window Cleaning. Note: Inspection of window cleaning anchors and fittings on buildings shall be conducted at least every 12 months.
-Anchors and fittings subject to impact loading or other structural damage shall be replaced.

It is the building owner’s responsibility to ensure that all building equipment be inspected annually. In California these anchors may only be inspected by an individual certified by Cal-OSHA issued an Scaffold Inspection Testing (SIT) license.

Primary suspension supports for boatswain chairs employing descent control equipment.

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